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Armour Stone
Armour Stone
16" Armour Stone
Armour Stone
18-20" Armour Stone
Armour Stone
12" Armour Stone
Armour Stone
14" Armour Stone
As a leading provider of Natural Stone, Elite Stone Quarries Ltd takes great pride in offering the best products, at the right price. 
Experience +

With generations of working the quarry, our vast experience enables us to meet your ongoing needs.


From quarrying of stone, to sizing and selection, our lifetime of experience lends itself to your project's success.

We believe that to stay relevant, and competitive you've got to keep innovating at all times.

What worked yesterday won't always work tomorrow and the challenges of Natural Stone require focused innovation to keep making the best, and providing the best.

Effective planning is crucial to project success and a dedicated support team makes all the difference.


We can help you get exactly what your project needs; every time.

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