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Extracting stone from the earth is not a simple task.  Not if you want it done right, that is.

We work diligently to make certain that our Armour Stone is a "Perfect Fit" for you, and is absolutely job site ready, as soon as it is delivered.

  • Dimensional Stone, Sized, Cubicle

  • Random Slabs, Cut & Sized Slabs

  • Drilled Caprock, Mossy Rock

  • 3/4" - 2" Skidded Random Flagstone

We are experts when it comes to getting the stone out, making it the right choice for your project, and ultimately getting it delivered to you, on time.

Our sales staff and consultants are standing by to speak with you, and book your load(s) today!

100% Peeled

Every single one of our Natural Stone products are individually "peeled" from the ground, and NEVER BLASTED.

This ensures that you only have to buy and install the stones once in a lifetime!

Cost Analysis

We've done all of the legwork, and we know that our prices are the most competitive in the land.

Now it's time for you to learn what we know, and make your order!

On-Time Delivery

We know that every second counts in business, and we have only the best, professional transport drivers to ensure that your materials are delivered, as promised, on time.

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